Android M is now more proactive, with Google Now on Tap that allows users to search within the context of information currently being displayed on the screen.

  • Lectures: 56
  • Video: 6 hours
  • Language: English

Currently one of the most popular operating systems on the market, Google has created a huge market share for its Android platform. With such a big fan following, there are hundreds of apps that are being released on Android daily.

The amazing operating system, based on decadent deserts has recently received a new update with Android Marshmallow, also known as Android M.

The latest addition to the Android dessert menu comes packed with even more innovative technologies that gives developers a whole lot of room to create different types of apps.

Android M is now more proactive, with Google Now on Tap that allows users to search within the context of information currently being displayed on the screen.

These searches can also be directly shared to people or on social media websites.

Other changes to the platform include a new permissions category which allows the user to decide which app has permissions to access what parts of the phone, as a security measure.

A new power management system was also added, which helps save battery along with a finger print recognition support.

All of these features has raised the stakes for developers to build bigger and better apps. Do you have some great ideas for applications, but lack the required developing skills? Well, then this course is perfect for you!

Our intensive course has been designed to help you understand android and explicitly how to develop applications for Android.

Created keeping in mind, the beginners as well as advanced users – our Android M course covers everything you need to know about making an android App and also how to create it keeping in mind the latest Android version.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Everything you need to know to get started with Android – it will introduce Android and how to set up your system for app development.
  • Installing and understand technologies such as Android studio and SDK tool.
  • Fundamental building blocks of android app development – application, activities, events and layouts.
  • Learning Java programming language, SDK tools and the contents of an APK file.
  • How to incorporate Android aspects and what they can help create such as Views (buttons, text fields), layouts (visual structure of UI), Event Listeners (enable an app to respond to user interaction), Intents (how they are the glue between activities).
  • Develop an actual Android Application.
  • Enhance the features of the app built using volley, SQL, DB and more.

What are the requirements?

  • Students who want to start learning Android from the ground Up.
  • Students who want to learn new features of Android M.

Terms & Conditions:

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  • The videos are available as a streaming content which require an Internet connection. They also can be downloaded and watched offline.
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