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Wonder what’s slowing down your Mac? iStat Menus can tell you

iStat Menus 5 is an advanced Mac system monitor, covering an enormous range of stats. It lives right in your Mac’s menubar, so detailed information is only ever a glance or single click away.

It introduces an all-new Retina Display-friendly design that makes this app one-of-a-kind. It displays your disk and memory usage, monitors your network activity, and does so much more to make sure your Mac is running efficiently – as it was when it first came out of the box.

– iStat Menus brings a wealth of information about your Mac to the menu bar

You don’t have to dive into Activity Monitor or Console to see what’s up. Version 5 offers per-app insights and extras like a dark theme and a clever Time menu.

– You’ll immediately be struck by its modern look

From the settings to the dropdown graphs, no pixel has been left unturned, and a modern, minimal elegance pervades every element.

– You’ll find an array of new performance statistics

Including advanced multi-core CPU and GPU monitoring, improved battery tracking, and more control over network status.

– iStat 5 truly excels is in its handling of individual app performance

iStat will break down CPU usage, network access, and disk activity for individual apps, and call out any energy or bandwidth hogs so you can deal with them appropriately. It does the same for RAM usage.

– Mountain of statistics in your menu bar

iStat can also replace your Mac’s battery icon with its own supercharged version. You’ll find graphs that track your power consumption as well as the condition of your battery and the cycle count—all useful things that are otherwise hidden in the System Information utility.

– iStat’s Time menu goes far beyond hours and minutes

Providing everything you could ever need to know about your day—from the current azimuth angle of the sun, to when it will set, and which phase of moon will appear in the sky.

The maps and charts are gorgeous to look at, and with data for more than 120,000 cities, it’ll likely be just a matter of time before it replaces your default OS X version.

You’d normally pay $16.00 for iStat Menus 5 if you buy it from the Bjango’s Store, but for a limited time only, you can get this application for just $10! That’s a 38% DISCOUNT!

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Included are 8 menu extras that let you monitor every aspect of your system.

iStat Menus 5 Top Features:

  • CPU — Monitor cpu usage. 7 display modes, multiple core support.
  • Memory — Monitor memory usage. 4 display modes, page ins/outs and swap usage display.
  • Disks — Monitor disk usage and activity. 6 display modes, ability to hide disks you dont want to see.
  • Network — Monitor current and total bandwidth, peak bandwidth, IP addresses, and the ability to hide network connections you don’t want to see.
  • Temps — Monitor the temperature of your Mac. 2 display modes, ability to hide sensors you don’t want to see.
  • Fans — Monitor the fan speeds in your Mac. 2 display modes, ability to hide sensors you don’t want to see.
  • Bluetooth — Control bluetooth status plus monitor the battery level of your Apple wireless keyboard or mouse.
  • Date & Time — Date and time in your menubar. World clock display lets you see the time in multiple locations around the world.







Key Features


Realtime CPU graphs and a list of the top 5 CPU resource hogs. CPU usage can be tracked by individual cores or with all cores combined, to save menubar space.

Plus, GPU memory and processor usage on supported Macs, and the active GPU can be shown in the menubar.


Memory stats for your menubar as a pie chart, graph, percentage, bar or any combination of those things. Opening the menu shows a list of the apps using the most memory, and other useful info.


A realtime graph to keep on top of what’s being sent and received for all network connections, including a bandwidth breakdown for the top 5 apps.

Disk usage & activity

See used and free space for multiple disks in your menubar. S.M.A.R.T. status monitoring and more detail for all your disks is only a click away.

Detailed disk I/O in your menubar, displayed as a graph, a variety of different read and write indicators, or both.


Realtime listings of the sensors in your Mac, including temperatures, hard drive temperatures (where supported), fans, voltages, current and power. Fan speeds can be controlled, with different rules when on battery power, if you’d like.

Date & time

A highly configurable date, time and calendar for your menubar, including fuzzy clock and moon phase. Open iStat Menus’ calendar to display upcoming events, or events for any day. Plus, a world clock with sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonset times for over 120,000 cities.

Battery & power

Detailed info on your battery’s current state and a highly configurable menu item that can change if you’re draining, charging, or completely charged. Plus, Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad and Apple wireless keyboard battery levels.


You’d normally pay $16.00 for iStat Menus 5, but for a limited time only, you can get this application for just $10! That’s a 38% DISCOUNT! You won’t find this price anywhere else.

Terms & Conditions

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  • You will receive your License Key instantly.
  • How many computer could this app be installed on?
    3 Macs primarily used by one person
  • Operating System Supported: Mac OS X 10.8 or later including Yosemite and Mavericks