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Powerful backup, synchronization, and cloning utility

Version: 2.6.1

Everyone knows they should back up their computer, but how many do? Resolve to finally make sure your files are safe with Get Backup Pro! Get Backup Pro can create full bootable clones of your drive, keep folders in sync across multiple computers, and much more.

Get Backup Pro offers more to users than the freeware version of Get Backup, including incremental backups, encryption, bidirectional cloning, and more.

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Key Features:

  • Produce compressed, encrypted backup archives of your data.
  • Create bootable backups for instantaneous restore.
  • Keep files in sync on two computers in one network.
  • Automate backup, cloning, and sync processes.
  • Bootable Backups via Cloner: When a hard disk crashes, one of the most frustrating things is that in order to copy over backed up files you must wait for a replacement hard drive and then go through the tedious restore process. The Cloner in Get Backup takes an external hard disk and turns it into a bootable copy of the disk in your Mac. So no need to wait for the replacement. You can place the clone right into your Mac and even work using the external disk until your replacement arrives.
  • Automate Backup and Sync Processes: The customizable schedule tool allows to fully automate the backup and synchronization processes, so that backups are built and sync takes place on a regular basis (daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly). Specify the backup and sync start time down to a minute. You can even create separate schedules for several backup and file sync projects.
  • Back Up to CD/DVD and Any Mounted Device/Drive The program allows you to save backups to any locally mounted device/drive, including FireWire, USB, ATA, SCSI, CD and DVD devices, or network volumes.
  • Integration: Integration with Apple iPhoto, Mail, iTunes and Address Book makes it very easy to access and backup your music, photos, e-mail and address records. Also, you can easily backup any other file or folder stored on your computer.
  • Data Sync: Synchronize files and folders on your laptop and desktop computers, or any mounted drive. Two-way synchronization (Pro only) ensures that you have the most recent version of files you worked with, no matter which computer you are using. Schedule sync processes for more convenience and flexibility.
  • Encryption:Secure your backups using one of four encryption standards (AES-128, AES-256, Blowfish or Triple DES) to prevent unauthorized archive restore. The ability to encrypt backups provides a high level of comfort and peace of mind when storing backup archives on external hard drives, third-party servers, and other locations where others might have access to your archives.
  • Diverse Backup Methods:
    • Full – all selected files are saved, and the resulting archive replaces the previously created one.
    • Versioned – all selected files are saved in a new backup archive, and the previous archives remain intact.
    • Incremental – each time a backup is built, only the files that were changed are saved in the new backup archive. (Pro only)
  • Get Backup vs. Apple Time Machine: You may wonder why you need an additional backup software if you already have Apple Time Machine on your Mac. Get Backup has multiple advantages when you need to control what to backup. It offers advanced compression and encryption methods and much more.






You’d normally pay $19.95 for Get Backup Pro if you buy it from Belightsoft Store, but for a limited time only, you can get this application for just $5! That’s a 75% DISCOUNT!

Terms & Conditions

  • Delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase.
  • You will receive your serial number instantly.
  • Operating System Supported: OS X 10.6.8 and higher (Intel-based Mac)
  • How many computer could this app be installed on? Either multiple users to use Get Backup on one computer, or single person on several computers.