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Take screenshots, snap webpages, draw on images, and much more

Ember makes it incredibly easy to capture and organize screenshots, entire webpages and other images that inspire you; and automatically syncs them between all your Apple devices.

No matter whether you’re working on a new website, planning the dream kitchen, or simply collecting things you love, Ember is designed to be your visual memory.

Ember was selected by ‪‎Apple‬ as one of the Mac App Store’s best apps.

Ember is amazingly versatile – it’s the visual scrapbook for your mind.

Once you start storing things in Ember, they’re fully searchable by name, tags and even color; and available on all your favorite Apple devices.

You’d normally pay $49.99 for Ember if you buy it from the Mac App Store, but for a limited time only, you can get this application for just $10! That’s a 80% DISCOUNT!

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Ember Top Features:

  • Capture – Capture entire webpages from Safari and Chrome
  • Screenshots – Take pixel-perfect screenshots of your desktop, or even individual app windows
  • Detailed Tagging – Organize your images with powerfully tagging, sorting and even color analysis. Just type in “Red” and Ember will look for red images in your library
  • Subscriptions – View images from your favorite blogs with “Subscriptions” – Ember’s reimagined way to read blogs and RSS feeds
  • Sync – Sync via Dropbox to Ember on other Macs, or Ember for iOS (available separately on the App Store) – this version does not support iCloud syncing





Key Features

Support for all your favourite file types

Ember helps you organise your entire creative life, with support for JPEG, PNG, GIF, PSD, PDF, Adobe Illustrator, SVG, QuickTime Video, Plain Text, and Markdown files.

Organise your ideas and design inspiration

Drag in images from your Mac and around the web, and organise them into Collections. Apply tags to images, and build Smart Collections based on the tags and other metadata in your library.

Subscribe to your favourite websites

Subscriptions allow you to visually browse the web. Images can be saved to your Ember library, and shared with friends and co-workers.

Build a scrapbook of designs you love

Save websites to your Ember library from Safari and Chrome with the powerful browser extensions. Ember doesn’t need to be running*, and you can send images to collections right from your browser. Ember uses the width of your browser window when snapping, meaning that the layout is exactly the same in the captured image.

Ember also features a responsive browser, allowing you to save responsive webpages at any desired width, and the Element Selection mode detects appropriate areas of the webpage to snap as you roll over them. There’s even handy presets for your favourite iOS devices to quickly set the browser width.


Use natural language (for example, “Light Blue”) to search your library, and find matching images. You can even use Colours as rules in Ember’s powerful Smart Collections – for example, group all your five-star rated white Interior Designs together.

Sync with iCloud or Dropbox

Store your Ember library in iCloud or Dropbox, and sync it across any Mac.

Take Screenshots

Take screenshots with Ember, and they’ll automatically appear in your library with the name of the app applied to them. You can capture Fullscreen, Timed Fullscreen, Area and “Window” images.

Sketch feedback on your images

Beautiful drawing and text tools allow you to give feedback on images. Cropping and rotation ensure that your images are always perfectly sized and aligned.

Go Full Screen

Work undistracted with Ember in its own space.

Share with friends and co-workers

Send your images with Email, AirDrop, Messages, iCloud, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr and CloudApp

Auto-detects iPhone and iPad screenshots

Library organisation has never been easier: just drag in those PNGs from your favourite iOS device and Ember will automatically sort them into “Phone” and “Tablet” for you!

Just turn on the “Always Enable Browser Extensions” option in Preferences to snap without Ember being open.


You’d normally pay $49.99 for Ember, but for a limited time only, you can get this application for just $10! That’s a 80% DISCOUNT! You won’t find this price anywhere else.

Terms & Conditions

  • Delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase.
  • You will receive your serial number instantly.
  • How many computer could this app be installed on?
    Valid for use on any Mac you own
  • Localised in French, German, Italian, Japanese and Simplified Chinese
  • Operating System Supported: OS X Mavericks or OS X Yosemite