Refocus blurry images.

Using Back In Focus, quickly increase the sharpness of your photos by using the widely unsharp masking technique; a flexible and powerful way to increase sharpness.


  • Supports most image formats
  • Enables recovery of details smaller than the blur size
  • Makes it easy to explore different deconvolution algorithms
  • Has tools to refocus only the blurred area
  • Back In Focus implements advanced deconvolution technologies to recover lost details.
  • It is best used before any image manipulation. Currently implemented algorithms:
    • Unsharp masking (fast and full)
    • Wiener finite and infinite impulse response
    • Richardson-Lucy (with a thresholding variant)
    • Linear algebra deconvolution

System requirements:

  • OS X 10.6 or later

How many computers can you activate software with?

  • Can be installed on up to 3 Macs for personal use.