Easily Lock Your Apps with the Best Mac App Block

OS X has its own built-in encryption software FileVault for users of OS X 10.7 (Lion) or later. But there’s no built-in ability to lock individual apps. Cisdem AppCrypt is the best Mac app blocker that can fill this void.


  • Lock Individual Applications with Password – Have a shared family Mac? Keep the kids from messing with Quicken or other apps. You could even limit access to games and videos apps this way as well. Kids, fellow workers, family members, guests – no worries. You pick which apps to be locked with a password and AppCrypt for Mac keeps them secure.
  • Mac App Blocker without Compromise – Today’s users demand a wider and more unhindered access on file encryption, there are some app blocker on the market which helps you lock apps by simply hiding that app on your Mac, which is very limited and complicate. AppCrypt does NOT modify anything in your system settings or applications. It works as a background process and does not uses any CPU load while idle. You select which apps get blocked and if you decide to remove password from that app, simply delete the app from the lock list.
  • Protect the Locked Apps with Ultra Security – Mail, Safari, Evernote, your favorite photo application, iTunes, YouTube, Mac App Store and any other application you use – will be protected using advanced encryption schemes. To keep you covered, we even keep tracks of failed attempts to access the locked apps – so you’ll know when it happened with date, time, and you can even set to capture a snapshot of the intruder with the front-facing camera.

System requirements:

  • OS X 10.7 or later

How many computers can you activate software with?

  • A Single License can be used on 1 Mac.