Frequently Asked Questions

Is this deal for real?

Yes, sir. All the products included are legitimate with the original license from their developers.

Where can I find the license of every product?

You will find the license key and download the dmg file in your account area by clicking on Single Deals or Bundles tab.

When I try to download a zip file, the size is zero KB. What’s going on?

All you have to do is clear you cache, reopen your browser and download. We recommend using FireFox or Chrome for a smooth download.

Activating your Licenses

If you need assistance to activate your license, send us an email through your contact form in your account area.

A Note on Downloading

While downloading files, keep in mind that it is best to download them one by one, rather than all at once. If you download more than one file at a time you can get errors and it won’t make your downloads go any faster. Please refrain from usage of Speed Download (link) or any other download accelerator, as it increases load on the server, and increases the chance that you or someone else trying to download a file will get an unexpected drop in connection.

A note on Promo Codes Usage

Once you purchase the bundle, you will find a unique promo code along with a URL below each membership item in your Downloads page. Be sure to use the exact links & codes in order to complete your signup process on the external sites.

Why my Downloads page is empty?

If you don’t see your bundle at first login, it might mean that your payment is “pending”. You can then contact us with the email you used and receipt number and we’ll check and manually approve the payment for you if that’s the case.

How long will the bundle be available in my account?

After completing the payment, each user will be able to use the downloads and promo codes available in his account. Bundle Hunt users will still be able to download the files from our servers one year after the deal is over. So no need to hurry up, you still have time to download the files; one year from the end of each deal.