Frequently Asked Questions

Have you just found out about BundleHunt and got a head full of question marks? That’s great. We’ll try to answer them one by one. If you don’t find your question or answer below, you can ask us on by filling your questions on the contact us page.

What is the idea behind Unlocking the Bundle for $5?

The game has changed!!! We’ve changed everything just to give you full control over what you pay, the number of mac software you choose with unbeatable App prices, starting of $1 per app.

By unlocking your bundle, you will get a chance to find amazing discounts for your dream apps starting at $1.
The $5 unlock price is added to your bundle app selection.

You can even add multiple licenses of an app to the bundle (up to 3 license keys).

Select up to 30 Mac apps from a list of 45 for as little as a $1 each – Unlock the Bundle now for $5

For example, you can create a bundle for a total of $29, with 10 apps including HDR Darkroom, Data Guardian 4, Chronicle 8, MacPilot 10, UnDistracted, Disk Sensei, Cookie 5, PDFelement Standard, Timepal Pro, and Gemini 2 (normally, these apps would cost over $338.77 when bought individually!).

How to unlock the bundle?

Just start adding the apps you like by clicking the “+” button below each app. The unlock price ($5) is added to your bundle app selection.


The unlock price ($5) is added per order. Once you finish your order, you can’t add new apps unless you unlock the bundle price again.

Is this deal for real?

Yes, sir. All the products included are legitimate with the original license from their developers.

How can i create my bundle?

There is a big list of best selling Mac Software on BundleHunt’s home page. All you need to do is, select ANY apps from the list and add it to the bundle box.

What are the sources of the apps that are available in this bundle?

All the software available in the bundle are supplied directly from the software Developers.

What version do i receive for every software i choose?

You get to receive the latest version and fully activated Mac software in this bundle. Upon your purchase, you’ll get instant access to your purchase along with your license key to activate the dmg file of each application in your bundle.

Can i Import my Bundle Data to 1Password?

Save all your Bundle license keys and download links into One .CSV file to be imported to 1Password or any similar app.
Just one click to get all your application data into one .CSV file.

Can i download the license keys of my apps to a PDF file?

Yes, you can download the licenses keys to One PDF File and save on your mac. All this through your account area, by clicking on Invoices button at the top.

Is there any processing fees for my order?

NO PROCESSING FEE: Purchase this bundle without any payment processing fees!

What about Vat?

No Value Added Tax (VAT) is charged on your order. You just pay the bundle price without any extra fees like taxes or VAT.

What are my payment options to place my order?

Shopping at BundleHunt is easy and safe!
We currently accept PayPal or Credit Card (VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Maestro).

Where can I find the license of every product?

Here’s the steps to find all the license keys of all the apps your ordered:
1. Login to your BundleHunt account area (,

2. Click on “DOWNLOADS & LICENSE KEYS” button to view your license key and download links for each app you added to your bundle.

When I try to download a zip file, the size is zero KB. What’s going on?

All you have to do is clear you cache, reopen your browser and download. We recommend using FireFox or Chrome for a smooth download.

Activating your Licenses

If you need assistance to activate your license, send us an email through your contact form in your account area.

How long will the bundle be available in my account?

After completing the payment, each user will be able to use the downloads and promo codes available in his account. BundleHunt users will still be able to download the files from our servers one year after the deal is over. So no need to hurry up, you still have time to download the files; one year from the end of each deal.

A Note on Downloading

While downloading files, keep in mind that it is best to download them one by one, rather than all at once. If you download more than one file at a time you can get errors and it won’t make your downloads go any faster. Please refrain from usage of Speed Download (link) or any other download accelerator, as it increases load on the server, and increases the chance that you or someone else trying to download a file will get an unexpected drop in connection.

A note on Promo Codes Usage

Once you purchase the bundle, you will find a unique promo code along with a URL below each membership item in your Downloads page. Be sure to use the exact links & codes in order to complete your signup process on the external sites.

Why my Downloads page is empty?

If you don’t see your bundle at first login, it might mean that your payment is “pending”. You can then contact us with the email you used and receipt number and we’ll check and manually approve the payment for you if that’s the case.

Return/Cancellation/Refund Policies

Due to the nature of our business by offering all of our amazing customer’s great Mac software at heavily discounts for a limited amount of time, All Sales are Final (in other words, sadly we do not accept returns).

All the softwares provided are coming with free trial version that is available on the developer’s website. These trials provide an overview of the functionality of the app before you purchase our full activated version.

Be sure to review the trial version before making your purchase and feel free to contact our team at any time for questions regarding your order!