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Who We Are

We are a bunch of developers, marketers and social media experts who, once in a while, like to put together bundles of high quality software, aimed at empowering Mac Users.


There’re lots of Mac software bundles out there, sometimes you find yourself buying a bundle only to get that particular app that you need.

We’ve been there and we know how it hurts. That’s why we created a system for mac lovers to curate their own mac bundles. This way you’re not stuck with apps you’ll never use. Just get the apps you need, and nothing else!

Every once in a while we launch a brand NEW hand-picked selection of premium Mac apps to choose from; just Choose ANY app you like.

Only Latest version and fully activated Mac software

All the software available in the bundle are supplied directly from the software Developers.

You get to receive the latest version and fully activated Mac software in this bundle.

Upon your purchase, you’ll get instant access to your purchase along with your license key to activate the dmg file of each application in your bundle.

What is the idea behind Unlocking the Bundle for $5?

The game has changed!!! We’ve changed everything just to give you full control over what you pay, the number of mac software you choose with unbeatable App prices, starting of $1 per app.
By unlocking your bundle, you will get a chance to find amazing discounts for your dream apps starting at $1.
The $5 unlock price is added to your bundle app selection. Unlock Your Mac Bundle and start building your dream bundle of mac software at the price that you set yourself.
You can even add multiple licenses of an app to the bundle.

Select up to 20 Mac apps from a list of 50 for as little as a $1 each – unlock bundle now for $5

For example, you can create a bundle for a total of $26, with 9 apps including Flux 7, Intego Washing Machine X9, Intego Mac Internet Security X9, Paragon NTFS for Mac, Paragon Hard Disk Manager, Flame Painter 3 Pro, PDF Manager Ultimate, AfterShot Pro 3, and Font Manager Deluxe (normally, these apps would cost over $500 when bought individually!).

How to unlock the bundle?

Just start adding the apps you like by clicking the “+” button below each app. The unlock price ($5) is added to your bundle app selection.

Is this deal for real?

Yes, sir. All the products included are legitimate with the original license from their developers.

Our Passion

Because we are fond of our deals, we call it “treasure”. Some call it “bundles”. Maybe because it is a premiere service within the Mac community offering outstanding Mac software for a fraction of it’s real price.

Ranging from productivity software that will streamline your workflow to niche apps for tracking your investments or publishing your next best-seller, everything you could ever dream of is here.

We bring you the highest quality bundles at the lowest prices. We provide you with feature rich and powerful applications and design resources to help you tackle your goals and improve Your Overall Mac Experience.

Our hand-picked line-up ensures that all applications featured within it are the latest versions each developer has to offer.

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