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  • RapidWeaver


    RapidWeaver 6.0

    Design, build and publish your own website using this superb tool

    Developer: Realmac Software

    RapidWeaver is the all-in-one app that enables you to build the website you've always wanted. Whether it's an online store, stunning photo gallery or blog, RapidWeaver provides you with the know-how to quickly publish websites that even pros are proud of.

    Top Features

    • 11 Built-In Plug-ins: RapidWeaver comes leaded with 11 page types that can be added to your next site, from blogs to photo albums
    • Over 45 Themes Built-in: There's a theme for everyone with almost four-dozen customizable themes to choose from
    • +6 All-New Themes: All from world-renowned designers, to help your sites stand out
    • Easy Publishing: RapidWeaver uploads your site using FTP and SFTP, which are supported by almost every host on the planet
    • One Click Publishing: Making changes to your site is easy: with one click, RapidWeaver exports and uploads all the changes made to your website
    • Navigation Automation: RapidWeaver automatically creates the navigation menu for you: and tracks when you change any page names to ensure there’s no broken links
    • Web Developer Tools: If you need to analyze your RapidWeaver pages, the Safari Web Developer Tools are now available when you preview your pages
    • Statistics: GoSquared LiveStats and Google Analytics support make it easier than ever to track who visits your site
    • Automatically Create Site-maps: A new dedicated plug-in generates HTML and XML site-maps for your website so visitors will always be able to find the page they're looking for
  • Typed

    • 7/24 Support $19.99
    • Version: 1.1
      "Typed manages to fuse minimalism and usability, with some character too. We liked it the more we used it."
    • System Requirements:
      OS X 10.9 or later
      Intel, 64-bit processor

      One license can be installed on one Mac


    The Best Markdown Editor and Minimal Writing App for Mac.

    Developer: Realmac Software

    Typed is a stunning new Markdown editor and writing app for Mac, and the first that improves your focus so you can create great content. Typed makes writing for the web incredibly easy, and its Zen Mode features relaxing soundtracks that help you concentrate.

    Many apps claim to offer a distraction-free writing environment, but only Typed was created specifically to aid your focus as you write.

    Top Features

    • Minimal UI - No clutter, no distractions. Just a perfectly honed set of tools to help you write and stay focused on the task at hand.
    • Word Count - Need to hit a word count, or stick to a character limit? Typed keeps you on target without cluttering your workspace.
    • Auto Save Support - The dog will never eat your homework again - Auto Save keeps your content safe, with Versions support to retrieve an edit.
    • Zen Mode - Filter out life's distractions with 8 calming soundtracks that aid your focus, allowing you to concentrate on your writing.
    • HTML Preview & Export - Typed is built to help you write for the web without the need to know any code - Typed generates it all for you.
    • Keyboard Shortcuts - Never leave the keyboard again, with comprehensive keyboard shortcuts to help you structure and format.

    What is the Zen Mode?

    Whether you're writing a paper or a blog post, you're at your most productive when you focus. In addition to Typed's minimal design, Zen Mode heightens your focus with a choice of eight carefully selected soundtracks. Perfect for keeping calm, and creating great content, when you're on a deadline.

  • Mac Data Recovery


    Mac Data Recovery Guru

    A handy utility for recovering deleted files or files on damaged drives

    Developer: MacOSXFileRecovery

    If you ever need to recover files that have been accidentally deleted, or were stored on a damaged drive, then Mac Data Recovery Guru might be able to save the day. It’s a very simple and straightforward utility that provides two options for recovering your files. If you have simply deleted a file by mistake then it can scan your drive and only look for files that have been deleted. Or, if the drive is damaged in some way, you can tell it to locate every single file that can possibly be recovered.

    Once the program has finished scanning your drive it will display a list of the different files types that it has found - such as Word documents, PDF or graphics files - and you can then choose which specific files you want to recover. It can also display a small preview of each file so that you can make sure you’ve located the correct file.

    Common Questions:

    • What kinds of devices do the data recovery products work on? The short answer is any device which acts as a drive on your Mac, such as these (this is not an exhaustive list, but a series of examples):
      • - Disks: Macintosh disks (HFS filesystems, HFS+, HFSX filesystems), Windows disks (NTFS, FAT filesystems), Linux disks (Ext2, Ext3, Ext4 filesystems), Unix disks (XFS, UFS filesystems).
      • - Digital Cameras: (Kodak, Minolta, Nikon, Canon, Fuji, Olympus, Sigma).
      • - Mobile Phones: Android, Nokia, Motorola, Palm, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Samsung, Sanyo, Siemens, Sony Ericsson, Panasonic, Kyocera, Blackberry.
      • - Miscellaneous devices: USB pen drives / USB flash storage / USB memory sticks, Memory Cards for cameras and portable devices, CD’s/DVD’s, MP3 Players, PlayStations, X-Boxes, Wii’s, Palm devices.
    • What if I have completely formatted my device?
      It makes no difference if the device has been completely formatted 100 times or still has a file-system. Our programs will search through the entire device irrespectively and pick up any data remnants, which formatting a drive does not affect.
  • CandyApple

    • 7/24 Support $29.99
    • Version: 1.5
    • System Requirements:
      OS X 10.6.8 or later
      Intel, 64-bit processor

      One license can be installed on two Macs

    Candy Apple

    Tasty graphic design and illustration for any professional or beginner!

    Developer: 128bit Technologies

    Candy Apple is a fun way to easily design creative artwork and illustrations, and quickly enhance photos and add effects like a pro. Take a bite and treat yourself to a full featured vector drawing application packed with professional tools and dynamic effects that will make every design a polished work of art.

    Candy Apple lets anyone create drawings, logos, banners, buttons, icons and more. You can also edit and enhance photos, or convert images to draw-able vector paths.

    Top Features

    • NEW! Added support for SVG format
    • Full vector support
    • Enhance pictures and add effects
    • Draw illustrations and graphics
    • Draw Shapes: Rectangle, Oval, Round Rectangle, Round End Rectangle,
    • Line, Polygon, Path, Freehand, Ring, Speech Balloon, and Arc
    • Use what you create royalty free
    • Convert text to a shape or path
    • Adjust freehand drawing to create smooth looking paths
    • Vectorize images to turn any photo into an editable graphic
    • Add strokes (regular, arrowed, rough, zig-zag)
    • Add fills (solid, gradient, pattern, zig-zag, hatch)
    • Add text on a path
    • Add an image to text
    • Blend and mask effects
    • Over 130 filters and effects
    • Full layer support
    • Boolean operation support to combine shapes
    • Easily align multiple items on your canvas
    • Rulers and guides make it easy to place items in the right location
    • Snap to grid, snap to guides, or snap to other objects
    • Zoom in or out to get every detail pixel perfect
    • Export in fully editable vector PDF
    • Import SVG graphics and edit their vector paths
    • Export as an image (JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, GIF)
    • Supports transparent backgrounds
    • Extensive help file explains Candy Apple's tools in detail
    • And more!
  • LaunchBar

    • 7/24 Support $29.00
    • Version: 6.1.6
      "LaunchBar can really revolutionize the way you use your computer. Once you get the hang of all available features, you'll really appreciate all this program can do.”
      C Net
    • System Requirements:
      OS X 10.9 or later
      Intel, 64-bit processor

      The single license permits either a single user to use the software on multiple computers or multiple users to use the software on a single computer. However, it does not allow multiple users to ever use the software on multiple computers, regardless of whether such use is concurrent.


    Powerful file/URL/email launcher utility

    Developer: Obdev Software

    LaunchBar is an award-winning productivity utility that offers an amazingly intuitive and efficient way to search and access any kind of information stored on your computer or on the Web. It provides instant access to your applications, documents, contacts, and bookmarks, to your music library, to search engines and more, just by entering short abbreviations of the searched item's name.

    You just hit Command-Space to bring LaunchBar's input window to front, enter an arbitrary abbreviation, and as soon as you start typing LaunchBar displays the best matching choices, ready to be opened immediately.

    Start applications, open documents, invoke system services, compose emails, or navigate the Web--LaunchBar will be your essential servant.

    Top Features

    • Adaptive Abbreviation Search: Find items via short acronyms of their name (e.g. SP for System Preferences).
    • Open Applications and Documents: Launch Applications, or access recent documents with the power of abbreviations.
    • Use Clipboard History to access recently copied items.
    • ClipMerge™: Combine subsequent copy operations into a single clipboard object by just pressing ⌘C twice.
    • iTunes browsing and control: Browse your iTunes Library, find your favorite tunes and enjoy your most beloved music.
    • Send To: Open a file in any application, copy it to another folder or send it to a contact. With Send To you have countless possibilities to use each item.
    • Scriptable Actions: Extend LaunchBar’s functionality by writing your own actions. Supports JavaScript, AppleScript, Ruby, Python, PHP and several other scripting languages.
    • File Operations: Manipulate your files efficiently from the keyboard. Move, rename, compress, assign tags, create folders and much more.
    • Many more features can be found on this page.
  • TotalSpaces2



    Brings grid-style Spaces to OS X 10.9

    Developer: BinaryAge Software

    TotalSpaces2 is a desktop manager that brings back grid Spaces to OS X and more!
    Total Spaces will display a menu bar icon that indicates the desktop you're currently viewing. From this icon you can select the desktop you'd like to view or choose an overview, which shows you large thumbnails of each desktop.
    You can click on a desktop within this view to choose a different desktop. You can also switch to other desktops using swipe gestures on a trackpad, keyboard shortcuts, or user configurable hot corners. Or, if you like, you can assign a hotkey to a particular desktop and move to it with the press of a couple of keys.

    Top Features

    • Manage your desktops: Display an overview of desktops and drag windows between them.
    • Define your grid: and navigate left, right, up and down between your desktops
    • Choose your transitions: Cube, slide and other effects, or turn them off altogether to really speed up your Mac
    • Swipe between desktops: Moving around your grid has never been easier.
    • Hotcorners: Trigger the overview grid just by moving your mouse.
    • App assignments: Keep your apps where you want them. Assign apps to desktops.
  • Net Spot Pro

    • 7/24 Support $149.00
    • Version: 2.4
    • System Requirements:
      MAC OSX (10.6) or later

      Single license per user basis

    Net Spot Pro

    Powerful Wi-Fi Analysis That Won't Leave Your Connection Hanging

    Developer: Net Spot Pro

    NetSpot lets you visualize, optimize, and troubleshoot your wireless networks with any MacBook so you can stay connected at all times, never missing a beat, post, or important email.

    Top Features

    • Unlimited data points in every zone
    • Visualize your wireless network by building a visual Wi-Fi map
    • Point your location on the map and NetSpot starts collecting Wi-Fi data around you
    • See dead zones without coverage & place hotspots correctly
    • Any number of Access Points (BSSIDs) can be visualized simultaneously
    • Flexible grouping of APs by SSID, channel, vendor, security, etc. + custom groups
    • Multiple export possibilities, including new customizable advanced report
    • Active scanning: Internet download and upload speed tests
  • Intensify



    Looking for a way to make your photos jump off the page?

    Developer: MacPhun

    Want your images to POP? Join thousands of photographers who have discovered Intensify. Four incredible detail algorithms help you get eye-popping depth that is noise-free, halo-free and full of life.

    Intensify is a professional detail-driven image editing suite for photographs, letting you control every spec of your image with micro-sharpness, super contrast, and structure features.

    Intensify includes a vast number of ultra-powerful adjustments to deliver the image you saw when the shutter was pressed!

    Top Features

    • Native 16-bit RAW processing
    • Over 70 one-click professional presets
    • Multiple stackable layers: Add multiple effect layers for the ultimate in creative flexibility.
    • 4 distinct detail enhancement algorithms: Pro Contrast, Structure, Details and Smart Sharpness, with precise control of detail enhancements based on tonal range.
    • Export to TIFF, PSD, JPG and a lots of other formats
    • Sharing to social networks & the Macphun Print Lab
    • Language Support: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Dutch
  • Narrator

    • 7/24 Support $29.95
    • Version: 2.3
    • System Requirements:
      Mac OS 10.7 and above

      One license is good for 2 Macs


    A Killer Text-To-Speech Mac Tool

    Developer: Mariner Software

    Seriously who wouldn’t want an app that reads out any digital text on your Mac for you?
    Narrator is a POWERFUL Mac app will bring all of your text to life by reading it to you using voice synthesis. Your letter, an ebook, emails, online news – or any text.
    That business letter you're ready to send to a prospective customer? Have Narrator read it out for you – you’ll know right away if what you wrote is what you want to have read. That big meeting where you took a lot of notes? Assign characters to each participant and listen again so you don’t miss a thing!

    Top Features

    • Bring stories, plays - any text - to life with Narrator!
    • Assign characters to each participant and listen again so you don’t miss a thing!
    • Using the rich voices of the Mac OS, hear the text you've added, read out loud.
    • Choose different voice attributes for your assigned characters such as rate, pitch, inflection and volume.
    • There are silent read-along options for stage directions.
    • Export to iTunes or sync to your iPad, iPod or iPhone.
    • Use the export option for AAC sound files for use with other sound playing software such as iMovie or as a screen-cast voice over.
    • Improve the pronunciation of words and phrases; replace acronyms and symbols using the Dictionary preference.

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